1:1 Birthcoaching

Child birth classes

Doula birth companion

Lactation Consultant

Hy, my name ist Kathrin
I live in Embrach, Zurich, Switzerland

I'm a birthcoach
a mother of two
a doula birth companion
a Lactation Consultant
a first aid teacher
a Hypnobirth teacher

I will support you with all my knowledge and love through pregnancy, birth, postpartum and your breastfeeding journey.

online or real life

My services

Doula Birth

CHF 1'800

My Package includes:

  • get to know - video call
  • 2 "pre birth" meetings, apprx. 90 minutes each
  • 1 hour Breastfeeding-pre-birth-class
  • On call time around your due date (10 days before till birth)
  • accompaniment throughout your birth for as long as it takes (no introduction births)
  • postpartum visit apprx. 30 minutes
  • 1 "after birth" meeting to talk about the birth after a few months
  • continuous contact via whatsapp, Mail, phone during the whole time


CHF 95 / hour

I will answer all your questions about pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and the postpartum period.

It's about listening to how the natural birth process works. 
Take responsibility for your birth and stand up for yourself and your needs.
Recognize the connections of this perfect symbiosis of your child & you. Trust your feeling and listen to your body, come back to your trust!

Lactation Consultant

CHF 95 / hour

Questions all around Breastfeeding?

- Breast praparation
- Milk supply
- Positions
- Problems of gaining weight
- Weaning
- Milk pumping
- Nourishment Mom & Baby
- ...