Birth assistance Doula
Lactation Consultant I Birthpreparations

Hy, my name ist Kathrin
I'm currently living with my Family in the dominican republic.

I'm a mother of two
a doula Birthkeeper
a Lactation Consultant
a first aid teacher
a Hypnobirth teacher

I will support you with all my knowlede through pregnancy, birth and postpartum!
online or reallife

My services

Doula Pregnancy and birth

CHF 1000

My Package includes:

  • get to know - video call
  • 2 "pre birth" meetings, apprx. 90 minutes each
  • On call time around your due date (10 days before till 10 days after)
  • accompaniment throughout your birth for as long as it takes (no introduction births)
  • postpartum visit apprx. 30 minutes
  • 1 "after birth" meeting to talk about the birth after a few months
  • continuous contact via whatsapp, Mail, phone during the whole time

Birth preparation course

CHF 250 /
4 hours

I will provide all my knowledge about pregnancy, birth and postpartum to you and together we will create your "plan of birth".

What can you expect?

  • Basic physiological birthing process
  • Specific doula knowledge around birth, hospital, homebirthing,
  • "Birth plan" session
  • Pain management

  • Hypnobirthing session
  • Anxiety release exercise
  • Birth affirmations

  • Postpartum informations/planning
  • What can your partner do?
  • Breastfeeding preparation

Lactation Consultant

CHF 65 / hour

Questions all around Breastfeeding?

- Breast praparation
- Milk supply
- Positions
- Problems of gaining weight
- Weaning
- Milk pumping
- Nourishment Mom & Baby
- ...

Doula birth accompany

What can you expect?

As your Doula I'm your personal emotional support during pregnancy, birth and postpartum.
During your pregnancy we are going to meet and talk about all you hopes, fears, dreams, doubts... I will answer your questions about pregnancy, birthing process and postpartum. Togehter we will make a "plan of birth".
While docotors, nurses and midwifes are taking care of you and your childs medical health during birth,  I will be taking care of the rest. I'll remind you on your plans, try to help you stay in contact with yourself and your child, raise you a glass of water and give your partner a break in a long birth-journey.
In your postpartum journey I will be on your side to answer your questions and listening to you when you need me. 
Maybe I can give you a hand with your newborn so you got a little time to sleep or shower, I help you to feel comfortable.

Benefits of a Doula

The 2017 Cochrain Review studied the benefits of continuous support during childbirth.      The researchers found that overall, people who have continuous support during childbirth by a doula experience:

  • Shorter Labours
  • Painkillers and relaxation medications as well as epidural anesthesia (PDA) were used less frequently
  • Fewer Complications
  • Less use of labor inducing agents
  • Fewer forceps and vacuum births
  • Fewer cesareans
  • Babies were more alert and fed better at the breast
  • Strengthening the couple relationship