1:1 mental Birthcoaching and Pregnancy support

Intensive pregnancy support for 4 months CHF 800

3 hours of individual "birth preparation"
1 hour Pre birth Lactation consultation
1 hour of postpartum support
3 individual sessions* 1:1 birth coaching for your current issues/concerns
Whatsapp/Telegram support for your small questions during the entire time
*(Additional individual sessions are possible at a reduced rate!)

I believe in natural birth, in the abilities of your female body and the symbiosis between you and your child. 
My goal is to support, strengthen and motivate you so that you can become self-determined and stand up for yourself and your birth. In the intensive accompaniment, we take at least 4 hours for birth preparation and lactation preparation, where you will learn how a natural birth will take place in the best case scenario, where possible interventions will take place, what you should consider, what alternatives are available to you and so on...
Furthermore, 3 individual sessions are reserved for you, where you can indicate in advance what you would like to focus on again, which current topic should be discussed urgently or where you would like to get more information.
The last session will be in the first days/weeks after the birth of your child so that we can see each other again and discuss acute topics such as breastfeeding, wound healing, postnatal depression,...

Individual appointments 95 CHF / 60 minutes 

I will be at your side to advise you throughout the entire process of becoming a mother. From the desire to have children to pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period. From the moment you have questions, I am there for you, regardless of the topic, I will listen to you and together we will find out how your path could continue. 
Would you prefer to discuss individual topics or address an acute issue? Then book one or more individual appointments!

  • Do you still have unanswered questions about a specific topic?
  • Are you in doubt about a decision about your birth and would like to discuss it again?
  • Are your feelings on a rollercoaster at the moment and you're looking for mental support?
  • Does your birth companion speak German, French or Spanish and would you like to discuss some topics in this language?
  • Are you looking for guidance during this overwhelming time of pregnancy?
  • You don't feel understood by your partner and I can help to explain?
  • Your birth has been over for a while and you would like to clarify and let go of a few things before the next pregnancy?


P.s: At least 4 sessions are required for birth preparation in an individual setting